40*60 house plan north facing

30*60, 30*50, 30*45, 30*70, 40*60, 40*50, 40*70, 40*90, 50*60, 50*70, 50*90 and 50*100 house plans and front elevation

An own house is one of the biggest dream for every humans. It requires biggest expenditure of a man’s savings.  That’s why every human being makes his house as per his income, future income and saving. Every human makes his house small to large as per that only. In India biggest population comes in Middle class only. So Maximum number of house are made in 30*60, 30*50 feet house plans, 30*45 house plans first floor, 30*70, 40*60 house plan india, 40*50 house plan with elevation, 40*70, 40*90, 50*60, 50*70, 50*90, 50*100 sizes in small to medium town. Their house plan and front elevation may be some time unique or some time similar typical designs.

Size of mid & Big size house;

In the small cities in India mid income group have these size of plots mainly. There are 30*60 house plan east facing as per vastu, 30*50 house plan 4 bhk, 30*45, 30*70 house plan ground floor, 40*60 house plan north facing, 40*50, 40*70, 40*90, 50*60, 50*70 house plans in india, 50*90, and 50*100. There are typical sizes of plots. Slight variation may possible in this. 

30*50 house plan 4 bhk

Features of mid & big size house & home plans & Elevation;

These house are normally 3 BHK to 5 BHK house plan as per each house owner needs. So Best modern house these categories have 2 to 3 bedrooms in ground floor house/home plan. While 3 bedrooms in first floor in house/home plans. They have big living room and kitchen at ground floor. So that it can be easy to do functions of house. For modern front elevation and design, these houses have lot of options, which can be done. For example in today’s time tiling, texture paint. Steel glass railing and jalis are most popular in India. In modern villa front elevation looks great when it is designed with creativity. Get our best plans 30*60 house plan east facing as per vastu, 30*60 house design single floor, 30*50 house plan 2bhk west facing, 30*50 house plan 3bhk/4 bhk duplex, house plan 2bhk west facing and many more other house plans size are available for design your house such as 30*45 house front elevation, 30*45 house plans first floor, 30*70 house plan front elevation, 40*60 house plan India, 50*70 house plans in india, 30*70 house plan ground floor, 40*60 house plan north facing, 40*50 house plan with elevation etc. at a very cheapest price.


How to design the best Modern villa and bungalows in India;

There are about 1 lakh Architects, where you can take services to make your house best as per modern times. But these architects work in metro cities only. So you are dependent on some draftsman only. But as the online services increase in this field, many architecture firms are providing online architect services. In which one of the best online architect services is given by “D ARCHITECT DRAWINGS”. Who has a talented and experienced Architects pool. It is not only providing quality of services but also with very cheap and reasonable. You can get customized drawings at  www.darchitectdrawings.com as per your preference and choice. You should try first this service than any other option.