Rain Water harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting

Some years ago it was seen that some child fell down  into the bore wells.  By a lot of hard work some army man had taken out them from bore well. A bore well is a 8” dia cicular hole which goes 100 to 500 feet.  After finishing water, they become of no use.  Either they are going to filled up or covered.

But these big holes may be used for rain water harvesting. That may be done by public or government both. It will increase ground water of nearer lands. It can also reduce flood in case of high rain.

Rainwater Harvesting

In this method 8”to12” dia pipe (steel or plastic) which is length is about 5’, is kept on the mouth of the bore well. 1’ kept up from ground level and 4’of pipe inserted into the ground. A cap is placed on pipe top so that nothing can fell into the well. Then 1/2” thick holes are made on the pipe area which is outside from the ground. At last ground level made like that whole water may come into the bore well. This way rain water go to the bore well. After filling with water it will be stop automatically also. It will increase ground water level.