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Expert is a key to find solution to your problem or assignment. He renders services to public based on his qualification and experience. They can give you excellent help to solve your problem or do your assignment. But they also enhance your problem more and decrease quality of your assignment, If they aren’t handle and use with care. There for hiring an expert is an art by which one can resolve his problems and do assignments with efficiently.

But in case of Indians most of the time either they do not use an expert or use with inefficiently. An Indian’s problem is that he is expert all of thing.  He thinks he is more intelligent than others. So he cut his legs with axe own. Knowing the entire thing, for a person is never be possible. Yes one can have broader knowledge or G.K. about something may be possible, but it is universal truth that a person can not be good expert many things. One can know, sometime, how something is done, but he never knows, this thing is done in this way, why? Therefore he may finish his task in wrong way. For example if one have stomach ache, he may know what medicine is used in stomach ache. But he never knows in which conditions which medicine should be taken. So taking wrong medicine one can enhance his pain. Therefore use of right expert is very necessary.

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By this study, one can find how, when & which kind of expert should be taken for his problem and assignment.

  1. Size of problem determine size of expert

if your problem is very very small use assistant of expert only. For example to take injection, to take measured drawings of previously made house, to take some kind of agreement,  to take daily accounting you can use assistants of expert like compounder, draftsman,  typewriter and accountant simultaneously. But when you problem is small or normal, then use normal expert. Like for example in case of illness, making your house, legal problems, yearly and quarterly taxation problem, you should have taken advice of a doctor, architect, advocate and chartered accountant simultaneously. But it is more to remember that never go to very big expert for any kind problem in beginning. First one should go to the expert, if it is not resolved, and then only go to big expert. Therefore big expert should be use in big conditions only. Otherwise you will destroy your money and time unnecessarily.

  1. Believe on expert-

You should take expert services with 100% trust. Then only you can resolve your problem. With the confused and distrust mind you may enhance your problem more, by irritating your expert. And one should do Act according the advice of expert only up to certain reasonable time. Time should be as more as possible. After that if one don’t find solution than only, he can go to bigger or specialised expert.

  1. Tell all related thing with truth

Telling most of the related things is key to take good solution from an expert. By this he can understands your problem and condition better and give best solution according his expertise. Sometime because of some hidden thing right solution is not delivered.

  1. Pay fees

Fees of expert should be paid as per his time schedule. Never delay the payment so that he can take interest in your problem and assignment more. One most important thing is never bargain to an expert more. Bargaining may dilute his interest towards your problem and assignment.

  1. Make family expert –

One should attach himself with an expert for same kind of problems. It means for same kind of services use same expert repeatedly.  By this you can save your money and get better solution to your life long.

  1. Respect-

It is key to make good relation with an expert. Good relation with expert will help you to take better services by expert upto long life.

  1. Never become expert own-

After taking one time services, next time one can become expert his own, but it is wrong, because different kind of problems may have different solutions. Solution can be changed with time also.

So these are some points to remember to take services of an expert. In this way, most of the time, you will get benefit. Your problem has solution, but it is done by right expert only. If you avoid this you may enhance your problem. D Architect Drawings provides you best free online house drawing plans, house plan, elevation, floor plan design for your dream house designed by top architect in india.

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