25×60 House Plan in India:

25×60 House Plan in India | Modern Home Plans in India :

Dining room is one of the important rooms and can be said to be owned by every home. Because besides being a place to eat the dining room can also be used for gathering places and building together family members.

For that, it is very important for you to design the dining room as well, as beautiful and comfortable as possible. So even though your dining room is minimalist and small, you can still create a beautiful and comfortable dining room for your beloved family,

Well, for those of you who are still confused what kind of minimalist dining room design ideas is suitable for use, here are some minimalist dining room design ideas with various concepts that you can choose from.

A small dining room design with a modern home plans in India is currently popular with many people. Modern small dining room design ideas usually uses simple furniture and furniture that seems modern. In addition, the design of this modern dining room also does not have a lot of excessive displays and accessories.

25x60 House Plan in india


For colors, neutral colors like black, white and gray are chosen for the color of the walls, floors and furniture. And don’t forget to pay attention to lighting so that the dining room is still comfortable to use at night.

Design of Dining Room

The design of this dining room is not always impressed, you can combine with modern designs or by using Japanese-style accessories and dining furniture.

For chairs, you can replace it with a seat cushion or backrest chair without legs. Make sure the dining table height matches the height of the chair to be comfortable when used.

Simple/Modern Small Dining Room Design ideas

For those who like simple concepts in Indian duplex house plans, this design can be applied to your dining room. You can create a simple concept with simple furniture too. Without reducing the essence and beauty, the design of the dining room is usually dominated by wood material.

Best 30*60 house design in india

modern home plans in India

By using furniture such as minimalist simple wooden tables and chairs make your dining room seem simple and neat and remain beautiful of course.

The color of this simple minimalist dining room is usually a little more classic. The additional interior in the form of a chandelier with strong power is also very much needed in this design. Because this dining room absorbs more light than reflects it. Therefore, most people place this design on the side window of the house while facing the garden.

Modern Small Dining Room Design Classic , Elegant and Luxury Style

Classic style is usually applied to spacious rooms with luxurious wooden furniture. However, you can also present a classic and luxurious impression in a minimalist dining room in various ways.

In Indian house plans to create a classic impression in a dining room, the main thing you have to do is to use a wall wallpaper. This wallpaper has many motifs and patterns that you can choose.

To realize the concept of this classic dining room you need to pay attention to several things such as color selection, type of furniture, and chandelier. The right color to be applied to this classic dining room is soft colors like white, beige and brown.

Try to use furniture made from wood even though other materials can also be used as long as they are in accordance with the classic concept. Do not forget to add decorative lights that are either hung or taped to the wall to strengthen the classic impression in your dining room.

25*60 House Plan Unique


Design of a Dining Room and Kitchen to Be One

Combining the dining room and kitchen into one you can do to save land. This House Plans in India is known as the open space concept where you can combine two or three rooms at a time. The ultimate goal is sure to widen the room and manipulate its size.

Applying this design will also make it easier for you to put or take food from the kitchen. Besides that, you also don’t need a lot of furniture. Simply use a small or medium table, with a few chairs and a few accessories to beautify the kitchen and dining room. Find the wide range of ideas 25×60 House Plan in India, modern home plans in india, minimalist dining room design ideas, small dining room resign classic etc.


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