Indian Duplex House Design 

Small home design since a few years ago is still a trend because of its simple and simple shape. The design is of interest to many people, especially young people because it is easily built at an affordable cost.

If you dream of having a duplex house design in India, whether it’s one or two floors, you still have to plan it well, even if you use best interior design services. This is so that you get a house according to your wishes and budget.

Here are tips or how to build a cool and comfortable two-story minimalist house:

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1. Arrange a Well-Planned Plan 

The first step that you must do is to develop a plan for building a minimalist house in a steady manner. You must have a strong commitment from the start, considering that building a house will require time, effort, and not a small amount of money. Plan well, mature, and detail the construction of the house, so that you are really ready to execute it until it’s finished.

2. See the Condition of the Land and the Surrounding Environment

Before building a house, you must have the land first. Make sure the texture, condition, and size of the soil in the location you have chosen, so you can adjust it for your home. Also pay attention to the condition of the environment because you and your family will live and live there.

3. Choose the Right Concept

The next step is to think about and choose the right minimalist concept or home plans in India. If you are married and have children, build a small house with a two-level family concept. But if you are single and want a more unique house, you can choose a one-level minimalist house with the concept of a wooden house, contemporary, or other.

4. Determine the Type

Don’t forget to choose the right type of house, where the house fits the needs and availability of the land that you have. In addition, the selection of this type of minimalist home design must also be adjusted with the budget.

5. Arrange the Plan and Estimated Costs

Then you can begin to compile a house plan that you will build in detail, so that you can make a cost calculation. Make a plan that is accurate and truly in accordance with your needs, so that later this house can provide maximum comfort. Don’t forget to start calculating the construction costs, including by checking the prices of building materials and so on.

6. Measure Accurately

It is very important to take measurements carefully so that you can help build a home plans in India, buy the right amount of material so that the money spent is not too expensive.

7. Check and Adjust to Financial Conditions

How much money do you have to build a small house? This question is very much because the execution will not succeed without funds. Building a house is greatly influenced by financial conditions.

Check savings, and adjust the construction of houses to your financial capabilities. Do not let the sake of following your wishes, you are negligent that savings are not enough, so that in the middle of the road the construction of the house stagnates. Forced debt here and there.

8. Choose Material at Affordable Prices, but Quality

Avoid buying luxury materials, especially if your budget builds a minimalist home. Look for quality building materials, but at affordable prices. There must be some, as long as it’s smart to choose it.

duplex house design

9. Use Professional Architect Services

In order for minimalist home construction to run smoothly, well, and according to plan, you can entrust it to a professional builder or architect. The goal is to build the house according to the concept and design of the house, as well as the budget you want.

10. Give Special Attention to the Foundation

The foundation of the house is very important because it will sustain your minimalist home. Especially if the design is Indian duplex house plans. Make sure the foundation is really sturdy and can last in the long run. Use good quality building material composition.

11. Look at the Use of Bulkhead

Small homes usually do not have a lot of room dividers, so they look relieved, even though they are not too wide. You have to look at the use of this bulkhead, especially in areas that are not really needed, so that the appearance of your home remains elegant.

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