Modern Home/house Plan Designs & Floor Plans | Home Elevation design India:

Modern Home Plan Designs will be able to materialize well if supported by a good arrangement from the stages of depiction carried out by the architect and good management at the time of construction by the contractor implementing the construction of the house itself.

modern house design floor plans

Indeed, modern Home Design Plans in India is becoming the center of attention and current trends in India. As Practitioners who are involved in the design and construction of minimalist homes, we often find clients who expressly say that they want a very minimalist and modern-looking home design. If you are searching modern house design floor plans then d architect drawings is providing modern home plan designs services at unbeatable price. Our customer is very happy to our services.

Architectural Concept:

Minimalist house is an architectural concept for a house that is quite modern, you can see how the architect made some details of the house into a beauty that is clearly used to make the front of the house beautiful in this design.

Home Design Plans in India

Giving a floating ladder with a random design form makes it look more futuristic, coupled with beauty due to the elevation difference between buildings in the center and besides showing a beautiful arrangement in modifying uneven ground in the design of a house.

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From the side of this minimalist house, it can be seen once on a land with a decreasing elevation design of home, so it needs a special threat in making the design of the house to be economical but comfortable and beautiful.

Indian Home Plans design

This side is filled and designed as a long terrace that is used as a place to relax the family.

Home Elevation Design India | Unique Design:

This is another unique design of a minimalist house that we are talking about, in the back of the house the architect designed a mini swimming pool with a canopy for seating and relaxing after swimming, besides that the backyard garden design was also made simple by only using grass to refresh people’s eyes who looked at him.

The Canopy design in this minimalist house uses a combination of iron and wood which is arranged into beams and grill as shading from sunlight. This brilliant idea was made by architects in order to accentuate the line elements in each minimalist home model.

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You can see this minimalist duplex house plans in the picture above, some bedrooms and standard supporting rooms for a house are arranged nicely to get a comfortable and healthy home and of course can be built at a low cost too 🙂

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