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When you want to buy a new home, you may have collected a number of project brochures of, which are equipped with several drawings on the area of ​​the house. However, not everyone understands the best way to imagine the area and layout of the space correctly. Reading a project plan is not an easy thing. My house map provides the best house design services like a house plan, house front elevation etc.

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Imagine Entering the Area of ​​the House

As a guest, imagine the visuals that are visible when you enter the front door of the house. Does the view look good from the side of the entrance? A good House Plans in India should provide a practical and neat first glance. In some new homes, the first room to welcome is a foyer or guest lounge.

Next note whether the gap in the wall leading to the next room shows enough space or even facing directly into a private space such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Walk Around the Floor

Use your two fingers (index and center) to trace the plan. Visualize how you will undergo daily activities in the house. A good home should have a separation between public space, private space and intimate space. For example, if the main bedroom space is located on the first floor, the entrance should not be located in the living room, dining room or entrance.

Floor plan india

Floor plan india

Imagine a high ceiling, line of sight and a corridor in the room. Are the windows enough to expand the view from the outside and provide room for sunlight? Your 25*60 House Plan in India , Indian house map designs, 20*60 affordable house design will look good if the view from inside the room looks wide so that it feels wider than the original.

Check the Circulation of Motion

Try to imagine whether your house has a comfortable path? Is it easy to take food from the garage to the kitchen? Is the dining room comfortably placed next to the kitchen? And is there easy access from the breakfast room to the bedroom?

Make sure the floor plan does not seem to be narrow with the existence of a hallway that spends the building area. Pay attention to the location of the stairs. Stairs in the front can impress impressive designs. While if it’s located in the back, then you can easily access the bedroom into the family room.

Focus on the Family Room

According to Moore, the family room has now changed its trend as a daily activity space. Because in this room it is often a leisure and entertainment area for families and its location is also relatively close to the kitchen. So it is very important for you to make your family room spacious, so that you and your family will feel comfortable gathering together.

You also need to know the Indian house map design tastes and style of furniture that you like. Is it a contemporary, formal design or even a traditional floor plan? A growing trend lately is a room filled with casual furniture and a low wall divider to limit one room to another. However, the design is still returned to your taste.

For example, you must know exactly how the kitchen is from the area of ​​daily activities. Do you want to be limited by a barrier, or rather, left open?

Don’t Ignore the Bedroom | 3 Bedroom House Plan Online | My House on Map

If you have small children, maybe you plan to make a special sleeping room for them, but it is located close to the main bedroom. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the location of the bedroom. Then if there is a bathroom in the main bedroom, note whether the door is designed closed or half open. This is very important for those of you who need privacy. Check Out 3 bedroom house plans indian style east facing, Home plan in India, Best house Plans in India, 20*60 affordable house design, 30×60 house plan in india, 20*50 house plan 3d elevation, 20×50 house plan design, my house on map etc. 

Indian house map designs

Residence Jaipur

Check the Dimensions of Each Room

Usually the plan is equipped with dimensions that are scaled down. You have to imagine clearly how your favorite furniture can fit in every room. For example, you want to fill a bedroom with a large closet, or a family room with a 32-40 inch television. Make sure all the furniture can be placed and looks proportional.

Pay Attention to Important Areas

The two areas that are most noticed by new home buyers are the drying Indian house map designs and the entrance of the garage. Some people like the sun room on the first floor, but some prefer the upstairs, next to the washing machine and where dirty clothes are stored. Which do you like?

Then, whether from the garage or carport there is easy access to the kitchen. Of course, after shopping for a lot of groceries, you want to move things easily and quickly. Our designed Indian house design map you can search my house on map. You can find here the best house plans in india like 20*60 modern house plan, 20*60 house front elevation, 20*60 house plan with vastu,3 bedroom house plans indian style east facing, 20*50 house plan with 3d elevation design in india all dimension available here. My house on map provides the best house design services such as home plan, 3d floor plan, Indian house map designs,  front elevation, 3 bedroom house plans indian style east facing and many other house design services. 

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