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Ways to make Small House Plan in India with Cool and Spacious – Having a residential house that feels cool and spacious is the dream of all people without exception. But along with the times, the price of housing land skyrocketed, also the price of the house itself is also increasingly expensive.

Now, many of the top developers in India are competing to create houses with a Small building concept on limited land. But many people have the view that with limited land, then our homes will certainly look narrow, but in reality, despite having very limited land, it does not mean the space inside feels narrow.

Here is 5 Ways to Make Your Small House Plan in India with Cool and Spacious.

1. Make the Ceiling a bit high

Small House Plan in India

If you are looking for a spacious residential house plan in India but has limited funds available, one of the solutions to finding a cool and spacious residence is to find the criteria for a residential house that has a high ceiling. D Architect Drawings is offering the best residential house plan in India, Indian house design plans, my home map design, make my house in india and many other home plan in India.

For the standard height of the building in ancient times it was set at an altitude of about 3 meters, but for standard height we recommend trying to find a house with ceiling height above 3 meters. Why? With a high ceiling height, the air space that can enter the building’s volume is also getting bigger, so that the air we feel inside the house automatically will also feel cool. 

2. Don’t Have a Lot of Insulation in the House

The partition in the house greatly affects the density in a house, if with a limited residential area, it should be proportional to the total area of ​​your building with the number of rooms available. Do not have too much space in a limited area, because besides the house feels narrow, the air flow in the house becomes blocked which will result in the house not being cool.


3. Expand the Use of Large Glass

home plan in India

home plan in India

The use of window elements in residential homes is a very important element in a residential Indian house map design. The number and placement of the use of this window also greatly determines the flow of air in and out. In addition, the use of windows in residential homes can also make lighting efficient in the home so that the use of electricity becomes efficient. If possible, use the form of windows with large glass so that the space looks more spacious and spacious, and the air openings are getting bigger. Visit here make my home design in india

4. The Use of Ceramics with Large Dimensions

The use of floor finishing using ceramics or similar materials is common for a residential house at this time. But among the many types and brands of ceramics that exist in Indonesia today have many variations for dimensions. If we compare it to several decades ago, there were many ceramic producers producing small types of ceramics (approximately 30 x 30 in diameter). But now, we naturally see the dimensions commonly used by many people are ceramics with dimensions of 40 x 40 cm. To provide a spacious and relief effect, as much as possible use ceramic finishing with large dimensions such as 60 x 60 cm.

5. Make a Large Void Area

If your residential house plan in india has a second floor, then our last suggestion might help to create a more spacious and comfortable space in residential homes, namely by creating a large void whole area. For those who are not familiar with the word void, voids are large holes or cavities that are usually in the area of ​​the stairs leading to the second floor.

home plan in India

With voids, our view of space indirectly becomes more relieved, because the ceiling limit is higher (up to the second floor) In addition, the availability of adequate voids can also reduce electricity usage in the house because the incoming light is quite large. If possible, create a large void area home plan in India so that the air flow on the 1st floor can go up to the 2nd floor so that the air flow gets better. 

That was some of our suggestions for creating your home plan in India to feel cooler and feel wider by optimizing existing spaces without having to increase the land area which is now increasingly expensive. In the future we strive to continue to provide other tips that are certainly interesting to improve the quality of your occupancy. At the end of my speech, thank you.

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